Assorted Artwork

Traditional Ink

A mythological creature called a Peryton

A Fluffy Toad

Watercolour and Ink


Heads up: art with blood, gore, and some nudity below 

Mixed Media: Traditional Ink+Digital Colour

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I call this “The Canid and the Seven Children.” It’s an illustration based on a scene from the Brothers Grimm folktale “The Wolf and the Seven Kids.” I changed the wolf to a generic canid to avoid contributing to and supporting the bad reputations wolves tend to get in fiction and otherwise.

Pet Portraits Drawn with Charcoal

I can draw realistic portraits of your animal family! My use of charcoal creates a stately and ethereal image that immortalizes the likeness of your pets. I’m attentive to accuracy and detail, making sure your pets’ portraits look like the faces you know and love.

Drawn on acid-free, 100% cotton paper and sprayed with acid-free fixative.

If you are interested in commissioning a portrait drawn in charcoal, please email me here.

I charge $299 for a 12×14 single-subject portrait, and $100 off any additional charcoal portraits for the same customer. I leave a 1″ border on all sides, resulting in a 10×12 drawn image. Once a photo is chosen, I require a $50 nonrefundable downpayment to begin drawing; I will email a PayPal invoice at that time, which allows you to pay with your PayPal account or by card. Upon completion of the portrait, I will email another invoice including the remaining $249, plus shipping costs (and sales tax if you’re a Minnesota resident).

Free Shipping