Woolociraptor™ Handspun Yarn

Here’s the page for my non-dog-fur handspun yarns!

For many Woolociraptor™ yarns, I start from scratch and process all fibers by hand, from purchased raw-and-sorted fleeces. I wash, dry, card, spin, ply, skein, set the twist/finish, measure, and re-skein them with enthusiasm! I do every step to turn this into yarn besides house the animals, shear them, and skirt/sort the fleeces.

“Rich Earth”

100% Alpaca, Hand-beaded, 140 yards, 3.4 oz, Natural colours from a raw fleece that I washed and processed by hand

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“Harvest Party”

100% Merino Wool, Hand-blended colours sourced from pre-dyed roving, Average WPI 14, 232 yards, 3.5oz, Semi-Worsted

No longer available

“Beaded Dragon”

100% Mohair, Hand-beaded, 104 yds, 2-ply, 1.8 oz, Average WPI 15, Semi-Worsted, natural colours from locks that I hand-processed

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16 WPI, 100% Alpaca, 192 Yards, 2-Ply, 3.4 oz., Semi-Worsted, Natural colours from raw fleeces that I washed and processed by hand

No longer available