Furleece™ Yarns


I can turn your pets’ fur into high-quality yarn for knitting! Furleece™ handspun yarn is a fuzzy, toasty keepsake spun from brushed-out dog or cat floof, or clippings. It’s cruelty-free fur!

And no, my yarns don’t smell like wet dog. That’s because the fibers themselves aren’t the cause of the notorious odor, so if the loose fur is cleaned properly before it’s turned into yarn–and I take the washing process very seriously–then the wet dog smell washes away.


There are 3 categories for fiber:

#1: Shedding Dogs and Cats (Fur) #2: Trimmed Cats (Fur) #3: Non-Shedding Dogs (Hair)

Considerations for each category:

#1 I can spin pretty much any fur from double-coated dogs and cats. Please collect the undercoat rather than guard hairs. I’m not accepting fur from single-coated animals at this time.

#2 Please make sure the clippings are at least 2” long.

#3 I accept these orders on a case-by-case basis—please send me an email and we can talk about your pup and the yarn prospects. The washing fee for hair orders will be higher since it’s more effort to wash.

If you’re interested in learning more or want to place a commission to have your own dog or cat’s fur spun, please have a look at the Fiber Collection Guidelines, and Clippings Vs. Brushings pages, and feel free to email me with questions! Doggone Pawpaganda is a zine I wrote and illustrated to help introduce people to the concept of dog fur yarns, and Garb Photos and Yarn Characteristics has info and images of exactly that! The Testimonials Gallery has photos of dogs next to photos of their yarns.

I photograph yarns once they’re spun, and may post them on web platforms as part of my portfolio.

100% Siberian Husky Fur

100% West Highland White Terrier Hair

100% West Highland White Terrier Hair

100% Leonberger Fur

100% Leonberger Fur

100% Ragdoll Cat Fur

100% Siberian Husky Fur

100% Husky-Lab-Chow Mix Fur

100% Australian Shepherd Fur

100% Labrador Retriever Fur

100% Labrador Retriever Fur

100% German Shepherd Fur







Quill ‘r Inkstinct: Art and Oddments by Jason Syverson

Welcome to my site! I’m Jason Rutledge Syverson, a Minnesota-grown artist residing in Minneapolis.  Herein lies my intricate art, realistic pet drawings, stained-glass style portraits, handspun yarn, and bespoke pet fur yarns.

On the 2D art front, I favor black and white mediums such as ink, charcoal, and graphite. Figures feature prominently in my visual art, and I have a penchant for dorky puns, morbidity, and the bizarre. In my portrait work, I capture the likeness and detail of each animal I draw in an elegant charcoal piece.

I’ve been a handspinner for 12 years, and I specialize in custom-spinning dog fur yarns (known as chiengora). My yarns are toasty and fluffy, and don’t smell like wet dog!