Pricing and Shipping



Quick Answer:

12oz of unprocessed fur is the maximum order limit.

•For 100% Dog or Cat fur yarns, it costs $35 per ounce of unprocessed fur + the Washing Fee (see below) + Free Shipping!

•For a Blended Yarn (see below) it costs $50 per ounce of unprocessed dog/cat fiber + the Washing Fee + Free Shipping!

•If you’re sending clippings, the Sorting Fee (see below) may be applicable. If you have a non-shedding dog, see bullet #3.


The Details:

An order consists of a Spinning Fee and a Washing Fee. Both are weight based and listed below. If you’re sending clippings rather than brushings, the Sorting Fee may apply. Free shipping!

I spin 2-ply 10-14 WPI (wraps per inch) yarn, but sometimes 9-15 WPI if it suits a particular fiber better. This typically puts my yarns in the general categories of Worsted, DK, and Sport.


There are 3 categories for fiber:

#1: Shedding Dogs and Cats (Fur) #2: Trimmed Cats (Fur) #3: Non-Shedding Dogs (Hair)

Considerations for each category:

#1 I can spin pretty much any fur from double-coated dogs and cats. Please collect the undercoat rather than guard hairs. I’m not accepting fur from single-coated animals at this time.

#2 Please make sure the clippings are at least 2” long.

#3 I accept these orders on a case-by-case basis—please send me an email and we can talk about your pup and the yarn prospects. The washing fee for hair orders will be higher since it’s more effort to wash.




Option A)    100% Dog/Cat Yarn  

I charge $35 per ounce of incoming fiber. It’s weighed in its raw state on arrival, which determines the cost to work with it. The yarn’s final weight will be less than the arrival weight, due to removal of debris and knots,  and some standard loss during washing and processing. Fiber weighing less than one ounce will be charged as one ounce.


Option B)    Blended Yarn (Often Optional )

My focus is 100% Dog and Cat yarns, but I’ll do blending on a case-by-case basis. Blending is when multiple types of fibers are mixed together to be spun into a single yarn (for example, dog fur+alpaca yarn, dog+cat yarn, or fur from two different dogs). Blending with alpaca, wool, lyocell, etc. is unnecessary to make yarn from most double-coated animals, and from non-shedding breeds/cat clippings when the clippings are long enough (2″ minimum). I use a 1:1-2 ratio for dog/cat fiber to blending fiber.

Options for blending fibers include Alpaca and Tencel® (the latter is for if you live in a warmer climate and want to try to minimize the insulating properties of dog and cat fur). I charge $50 per ounce of incoming fiber–the weight of the dog or cat fiber on its own determines the cost of the order; it’s weighed in its raw state on arrival. Fiber weighing less than one ounce will be charged as one ounce.




  • $25 for 0–6.4oz of fur
  • $50 for 6.5–12oz of fur


SORTING FEE for Clippings :

If you send clippings that are a mix of long and too-short fibers, a sorting fee of $10 per ounce of fiber sorted may apply.  I’m often sent batches where there’s a lot of too-short fibers in the mix, so it’s best to anticipate this as a possibility.



How much fiber will you need to collect? 

I don’t require a minimum amount of fiber and I will work with whatever amount you send. Fiber weighing less than one ounce will be charged as one ounce.
Each ounce of unprocessed fiber will produce roughly 25-55  yards of 2-ply yarn. It could be more or less yardage per ounce, depending on the texture, crimp, thickness, density, and length of the particular fur/hair involved.
There are knitting calculators online to approximately determine how many yards of yarn you’d need for the project you’re interested in making. If you have a particular project in mind, I’d recommend saving up enough fur to have it all spun at once. Sending fiber in bulk ensures better yarn consistency, rather than having a little bit spun here and there.