***Brothers Grimm Folktale Poster “The Canid and the Seven Kids”___13x17 BORDERED POSTER___


This poster illustrates a scene from the folktale “The Wolf and the Seven Kids.” My version features a generic canid instead.

The story  is essentially about how a mother goat  leaves her seven offspring unattended, and a canine with ill-intent happens upon them. He eats them, but the mother goat later tracks him down and cuts him open with scissors, freeing her kids–all of whom survived the ingestion. According to the tale, the canine is supposedly sleeping in a gorged stupor throughout the procedure; the mother goat proceeds to fill him with stones, sew him back up, and drop him down a well.

I did the linework and blood with traditional inking methods, then scanned the piece and coloured it digitally.

The poster dimensions are 13×17 (vertical orientation), and this version has a .5″ white border all around the image.

Printed on glossy paper for that poster look and feel.

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